Roofing can seem rather simple and straight forward. I mean it’s not like it’s rocket science. Just show up, load your materials, and start doing the job, right? How difficult can it be?

Not so fast. There are many variables that go into determining how to design and price a roof replacement. But how do you go about determining those variables. One of the most critical steps that help a roofing contractor or designer develop a roof design is the core cut.

Roof Core Cut

What is a roof core cut?

Simply put, a core sample is when a contractor or designer takes a small cross section out of the roof assembly to determine the overall roof system composition.

But a roof core cut can sound like a bad idea. Usually you are trying to avoid punctures and cuts to your roof system. But like doctors, we are experts and know how to perform roof surgery and patch up the patient without doing any harm.

Roofers use a special core cut tool to extract a small area of roofing down to the roof deck. Once the core is pulled the results are documented and then the core is put back and the hole is repaired.

What does a roof core cut tell us?

The roof core sample is analyzed for:

Roof Core Cut showing trapped moisture
Roof core cut revealing insulation saturated with moisture.

So why do these factors matter?

“Okay, so professional roofing contractors and designers gather this information. But what does it really matter?”

These factors are what determine the final price of the roofing project. Without these factors, the accuracy of pricing associated with replacing the roof system cannot be determined.

Some of these factors affect pricing as follows:

Core Cut showing roof decking
Roof core cut revealing steel deck.

Core cut analysis is a critical step in determining the design of the roof system. Without an accurate design, professional roofing contractors cannot offer an accurate price. Basing price on assumptions without confirming accurate information leaves the contractor and customer open to a project where a contractor may cut corners to remain whole on the project or change order the customer for the difference.

If building owners and buyers are seeking accurate pricing for roofing projects, it is in their best interest to insist that the contractor complete the necessary steps such as core analysis in order to gather sufficient information required to build the design and develop correct pricing.

When its time for a roof replacement make Jurin Roofing your first call.

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