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1 Simple Way to Reduce Roof Installation Costs

One of the biggest hurdles I find when working with my clients on roof replacement options is roof installation costs. Followed closely behind that is the desire for a quality product.

Like anything else you purchase, nobody wants to pay more than they absolutely have to while still receiving a high quality product.

The RhinoBond method for new roof installation is a way I can help reduce roof installation costs without compromising the quality of the final product.

RhinoBond Roof installation

Why Choose the RhinoBond Roof System?

Roof worker installing rhinobond system
Photo courtesy of OMG Roofing Products.
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The RhinoBond system is essentially a hybrid method of attachment between an adhered system (glues and adhesives) and a traditional mechanically fastened system (plates and screws).

The plates used in conjunction with the fasteners to install the substrate have a special coating that can be welded to TPO and PVC membranes. This method can significantly reduce roof installation costs.

If you’re not familiar with these other two systems here is a quick overview.

  • Adhered Roofing Systems

    Adhered roofing systems use glue or foam adhesives to secure the membrane to the substrate. The advantage here is that there is contact throughout the system. The problem is the expense created by the amount of time it takes to glue the sheet.

  • Mechanically Fastened Roofing Systems

    Mechanically fastened roofing systems require fasteners to be installed every 12 inches in all the seam plus enhancements at the perimeters. The large numbers of fasteners creates material costs and increases hours for the installation.

3 Reasons to Choose the RhinoBond Roof System

Reason #1 – Decreased Labor and Material Costs

With the RhinoBond System we can decrease the number of fasteners required to install the membrane and therefore reduce the hours and material costs.

Other advantages include FM approval, simple perimeter enhancements when required, no odors since most of the glues are eliminated and manufacturer warranties are still obtained after the installation is completed.

Reason #2 – Enhanced Roof System Uplift Strength

As a “hybrid” roof system, the RhinoBond method also eliminates the “sheet flutter” that is sometimes an issue in traditional mechanically fastened roof systems.

This is because the sheet now has more contact points instead of only being fastened in the seams. This also dissipates the stress load created by wind so all that force doesn’t go to just the seams.

Roof worker installing rhinobond system
Photo courtesy of OMG Roofing Products.
Copyright © 2015 OMG, Inc.

Reason #3 – Year Round Installation Capabilities

Finally, since this installation method is used with TPO and PVC membranes we have a lot more control over cold temperature installs.

The welding temperatures are completely adjustable on the welding machines so this is truly an all year system. Standard glues do have minimum temperatures so time can be lost on the coldest days of winter.

Put your Roofing Contractor to the Test

When it comes time to invest in a new roof don’t be afraid to ask your roofing contractor questions. If your roofing contractor won’t take the time to educate you and listen to your questions, it may be time to seek out another professional.

I try and find the best solution for each project and quite often I can help save some money with a design such as the RhinoBond System. Finding the right contractor with the right solution can make a big difference in the years to come.

If your roofing contractor won’t take the time to educate you and listen to your questions, it may be time to seek out another professional.

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