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Top 5 Reasons to Install Hurricane Stands

Many commercial and industrial buildings in Florida have roof top mounted HVAC systems. These systems include curb mounted HVAC units as well as smaller package units that are set on sleepers or other types of dunnage. Using sleepers (e.g. wood blocking or concrete pavers) to support these types of mechanical units can have a negative impact on the long-term performance of the surrounding roof system. In addition, keeping units close to the roof deck by setting them on sleepers placed on the roof surface may negatively impact the performance of the units themselves.

Here are 5 key reasons why you should install dunnage that elevates package units above the roof deck:hurricane stand (2)

1. Meets Florida Building Code Requirements: The use of wood sleepers on a roof system is not permitted by Florida Building Code. The code requires that all rooftop equipment and supports shall be secured to the structure in compliance with the loading requirements of Chapter 16 (High-Velocity Hurricane Zones).

2. Provides for Proper Drainage: Wood sleepers or concrete pavers placed directly on the roof surface can restrict the flow of water on a roof system. By installing dunnage and elevating the units the drainage patterns for the roof are not negatively impacted.

3. Allows for Repairs to the Roof: By installing the dunnage and elevating the units above the roof surface better access if provided for roofing repairs as well as general cleaning of the roof surface.

4. Creates Increased Securement for Units: By elevating the units off of the roof deck, you allow high velocity winds to go completely around the unit instead of pushing against the base of the unit when it is set on the roof deck. In addition, the unit is strapped to the dunnage which provides for better securement during high wind events.

5. Allows the Unit to be cooled: By allowing air to move around all sides of the unit, the unit is kept cooler than if the unit is set on the roof deck without ventilation under the unit. This may improve the performance of the unit by reducing operating temperature.

The installation of dunnage to support roof top equipment including small split units placed on the roof surface has significant benefits both for the roof system as well as the units themselves. These sets of dunnage can be retrofitted in existing roof systems or they may be installed as part of a roof replacement or installation project.

For more information or to receive a quote for the installing dunnage onto your roof system, please contact Jurin Roofing Services Inc. of Florida at or call (800) 710-7525.