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Get Your Roof Ready for Hurricane Season

The 2017 Hurricane Season is off to an active start. It only takes one major hurricane to change your life and the life of your community. The time to prepare is now!

There are several key details of a commercial roofing system that can be most affected by the strong winds, rain and flying debris associated with a hurricane.

There are several key details of a commercial roofing system that can be most affected by the strong winds, rain and flying debris associated with a hurricane. If any of these areas are compromised, there’s a strong likeliness that Mother Nature will breach the structure, sometimes with devastating effects.

Damage done to roof by hurricane winds

Damage to roof from hurricane winds.


Here are the top four recommendations that should be addressed to prevent or at least reduce unnecessary damage or complete failure:

  • Secure Mechanical Equipment: Typically commercial roofing systems incorporate heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and other mechanical equipment. If not properly strapped or fastened these units can become wind-borne, damaging the equipment, roof, and interior elements.
  • Remove Debris: One of the easiest ways to maintain the watertight integrity of your roof is to simply remove discarded tools, materials and equipment. Often tradesmen servicing your roof and ancillary components will leave the aforementioned behind. These materials can damage roofing membrane and possibly property below when the winds pick up.
  • Secure Metal Detailing Components: Simply adding fasteners to metal coping caps and adding straps to gutters systems can prevent blow-off. Gutters especially are the most critical areas of the roof system in regards to roof blow-off. Gutters are not inherently aerodynamic by design and become wind traps. Strapping the gutters at the bullnose and fastening to the wall substrate below will greatly increase resistance to failure.
  • Clean Drainage Systems: Debris, typically organic, can prevent proper flow of storm water. The drainage system incorporated in your roof system does not account for debris clogging or blocking the flow of water. Large amounts of rainfall can build-up and overflow flashings or edge metal details. Complete deck collapse, although highly uncommon, can result depending on several variables.

Don't wait for after the storm!
Request your hurricane preparedness roof inspection today!

Request a roof inspection
Request a roof inspection

Being proactive will save unnecessary, unexpected and unbudgeted expenses. The costs related to properly addressing the above items can easily save money in lieu of waiting until possible failure. In addition, with exception to cleaning the roof all can be addressed as a onetime expense.

If you decide to wait and chance it, budget costs to correct the above items, plus any additional costs for repairs and/or replacement.

Being proactive will save unnecessary, unexpected and unbudgeted expenses.

We recommend hiring a qualified commercial roofing professional to inspect your roof and provide a proposal to address the above items. Jurin Roofing Services’ has one of the most thorough roof inspection services in the industry.

Jurin Roofing is here for you after the storm…

Should any of your buildings sustain damage from a hurricane or storm this season, call Jurin Roofing at 863-422-3176 and we can help you evaluate your warranty situation and react to any immediate repairs you may need.

Jurin Roofing is here to help you mitigate any roofing issues caused by storm damage. It is important to have your roof checked even if you don’t see any immediate damage or experience roof leaks. Call or email us today to schedule a post-storm roof check up.

Our full-time service department has the ability to dispatch a service tech to your site within 24 hours.

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